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Refurbished Truck GPS

Save your money for fuel and go with one of these manufacturer refurbished truck GPS units!   These refurbished truck GPS units have been checked out by the manufacturer and come with everything in the box, just like the new ones. Only difference is -  you save money! 

Refurbished products come with a limited manufacturer's warranty, but are not returnable to GPS-planet.   No Returns, No Refunds on any refurbished products.   Defective products can only be replaced with an identical product.

  • Rand McNally TND-720 Truck GPS
    $399.99 $208.99 Rand McNally TND-720LM Truck GPS - Refurbished
    Rand McNally TND 720 refurbished truck GPS with a large 7" screen.  Built from the ground up for professional drivers, the new and  improved TND- 720 truck GPS incorporates hours of testing by  truck drivers...
  • Rand McNally TND-520 Truck GPS
    $299.99 $159.99 Rand McNally Intelliroute TND-520 LM Truck GPS - Refurbished
    This factory refurbished Rand McNally TND-520LM combines an expanded range of Wi-Fi connected services, such as weather and fuel prices, with truck routing and all the features drivers have come to expect from Rand...